Need Feedback for Poddy

Well, it seem that there some issue when retrieving the note list.
Can you open the js console, filter with “notepod” and give me what stand on lines 119 & 130
it must be something like

I’ve seen that sometimes publicTypeIndexUrl is in “settings” folder & sometimes in “profile”.
In your publicTypeIndex.ttl you must find one thing like that

    a ter:TypeRegistration;
    ter:forClass schem:TextDigitalDocument;
    ter:instance </public/notes.ttl>.

the app search for a subject with class “TextDigitalDocument”
Here is mine

@prefix : <#>.
@prefix terms: <>.
@prefix ter: <>.
@prefix schem: <>.
@prefix pub: <>.
@prefix bookm: <>.

<> terms:references :Bookmark.

   a ter:TypeRegistration;
   ter:forClass schem:TextDigitalDocument;
   ter:instance </public/notes.ttl>.
a ter:TypeRegistration; ter:forClass schem:TextDigitalDocument.
   a ter:TypeRegistration;
   ter:forClass pub:Annonce;
   ter:instance </public/annonces.ttl>.
   a ter:TypeRegistration;
   ter:forClass schem:MediaObject;
   ter:instance </public/Picpost/pics.ttl>.
:Bookmark a ter:TypeRegistration; ter:forClass bookm:Bookmark.

Do you have somthing like that

   a ter:TypeRegistration;
   ter:forClass schem:TextDigitalDocument;
   ter:instance </public/notes.ttl>.


I can’t see anything like that and can’t see output for lines 119 and 130. Perhaps looking at the wrong place - on line 135 I get this.

Error: Expected entity but got literal on line 1.
at f._error (n3@1.3.4.min.js:15)
at f._readEntity (n3@1.3.4.min.js:15)
at f._readSubject (n3@1.3.4.min.js:15)
at f._readInTopContext (n3@1.3.4.min.js:15)
at n3@1.3.4.min.js:15
at r.default._tokenizeToEnd (n3@1.3.4.min.js:15)
at n3@1.3.4.min.js:15
at n3@1.3.4.min.js:15
at (n3@1.3.4.min.js:15)
at p (n3@1.3.4.min.js:15)

well what is the content of your publictypeindex.ttl


Yes this is working now. Must be a formatting problem with that particular profile I was using. I tried another one and can now publish a note and a picture.

Yes !!
I see, my UI has been updated / synched :

next you can use ‘Storage’ widget and navigate to your ‘/public/Picpost/’ folder to see it:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes got it. Nice work!

Yes, very nice. I just posted two notes from my phone. No problems :slight_smile:

Posts are arriving :

Hi @Smag0,

my Notes from Notepod are shown, thats cool. Could also successfully publish a “Picpost”. :tada:

I find the UI confusing and I do not get yet what the purpose of Poddy is. Why is there a Spoggy graph that does not relate to my data? And what about that shape generator at the bottom? :thinking:

About the Picpost I wonder why you chose schema:MediaObject instead of a more specific schema:ImageObject? Or perhaps ActivityStreams would fit even better, since it is a kind Post? That would also make it compatible to the pixolid data I guess.

I added my own type registration for schema:MediaObject but Poddy just added another one at /public/Picpost/pics.ttl anyway. That’s kinda rude :wink:

And the posted picture files get the ending $.unknown somehow :thinking:
Propably because you are sending it with content-type: undefined

Hi @aveltens, thanxs for your really pertinent analyse :+1:

The purpose of Poddy was to test litelement + evejs to interact with the user’s POD and to make a reference to the user’s post on a feed POD.
I’va used lit-element Components but it must be possible to combine other components like ReactComponents, AngularComponents, VuejsComponent
Now the test are concluant, I trying to make a “Starter Pack” for that components

About Spoggy Graph, I think it’s a kind of good visualization of Pod’s data. For the moment it only can visualize the content of a ttl file. To see it, use the browser and click on a ttl file, The Editor & the graph should be updated

There is a little issue here for the moment as the editor is updated two times, one when you click on the file, and one when the graph is updated, so the real content of the file in editor, is not really the content of the file. I’m working on it ;-).

Another aim of Spoggy is to facilitate navigation synchronized with the browser as in the first version Spoggy
wher you could expand or edit a file

The second purpose of Spoggy is to help to create turtle data : In the graph click on “Nouveau”, then you can add 2 nodes & one edge (next other nodes & edges) so the editor is updated with the corresponding data. If you give a path & a filename near the “save” button you should be able to write that mindmap on your POD.

I’m a really bad designer, so it’s a pity for me to put all those tools in the same page… So if someone as some skills in design…

The shexy shape form generator at the bottom is another test of integration of another tool that aim to simplify apps forms generated from ttl data. Generation of forms are almost ok , but we need to explore the concept of Footprint (where & how to store data)

why schema:MediaObject ? because you can picpost camcorder or sound file if you use it with your smartphone, but perhaps it would be cool to precise the good type, when the extension of file is known. I could add ActivityStream, it must not be incompatible.

yes /public/Picpost/ is the default for the moment and it only takes one but we must think aboyut what happens when there are more than one registration.

I’ll take a look at the content-type :wink:

Thanks, i’ll consider you suggestions for the new version

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Ah sorry, I misconfigured my type index, it works as expected now.

And thanks @Smag0 for the detailed explanation. Interesting experiment :slight_smile:

In the new version, Agora
User post can have at least three parts :


  • a image/video/sound as schema:MediaObject


and /or

  • a set of Triple… as a indépendant Doc but linked to the post.

(? What vocabulary for that ? schema.TextDigitalDocument? So that there would be two different instance in publicTypeIndex? )

  • I project to add Spoggy graph too in a post…

All that type of data compose a post and are linked.

There is a title too and a set of tags.

So how do you think I must organise those on a Pod ? Split? Links? Reference on Agora’s Pod
In the publicTypeindex


I don’t know but maybe you could just have one schema:CreativeWork, which has a predicate hasPart, which can then point to other CreativeWorks. CreativeWork is a ancestor class of schema:TextDigitalDocument and schema:MediaObject.

Ok for the types & parts, but what about the folders? One for notes, one for medias, and one for triples, or all in the same? What about the notes.ttl that refers those fragments of the same post? Must I put one ‘reference’ file by type of file ? Or all in the note.ttl?

May be you could look to what I have done for tiddlywiki on solid pod

It could also make the 2 interoperable.
I am open to discuss that with you

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Just a crazy :crazy_face: request from the peanut gallery though if you do…please keep as much communication as you can about it on the forum. I know some want to go full dogfood but that just isn’t ready and I think it helps the community (and me too :smile:) to have it here.

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Thanxs @aveltens, I’ve take a look at ActivityStreams and I think i’ll use something like this

If someone want to suggest some things about that schema, you could try to do it here :

You can now post note & pic

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