Locked out a Pod, and what next?

I’ve made a typo in the webid profile of my https://hochstenbach.solidcommunity.net/ pod. Now the pod doesn’t provide me any access, nor a way to fix this problem.

  • What are the steps that can be taken to get back access to this pod?

Is there a way to better protect these web profiles by server side RDF syntax validation.? I’ve edited my profile with a text editor app and a single character (a period in my case) was enough to lock myself out.

That particular server’s administrators can be contacted via Issues · solid.community / support · GitLab

And yes, hopefully server-side validation will one day be a thing to avoid this. (Meanwhile, you might want to consider using something like Penny to edit data in your Pod manually, to avoid e.g. syntax errors.)


This was fixed in NSS by Alain Bourgeois issues 1707-1708 by bourgeoa · Pull Request #1710 · nodeSolidServer/node-solid-server · GitHub . Web profiles can’t be deleted plus there are server side syntax checks

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Solidcommmunity.net has a gitter.im chat and a GitHub - solid/solidcommunity.net: Operational issue tracking for solidcommunity.net please use them. It is followed by admin.

Breaking documented issues are followed with utmost prorities. Help wanted.