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  • After creating a Pod and played around with Solid which of those images will visitors keep in mind?

  • What image should they keep?

  • How long would it take a motivated team to switch from one to the other?

P.S. I write his post with all the respect I have for people who are working hard to build Solid and its environment. I only regret the 1% work about CSS and the Solid Style Guide has not (yet) being done. If possible I will be glad to participate


Believe me when I tell you, Inrupt is working on it! if you want to take a stab at dashboard, @Smag0 is working on
I believe that there are allot of things for Inrupt that take precedents but, its just a matter of time. I have faith that we will see it before the year is out, at least that is what TimBL indicated earlier this year on gitter.

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Thanks for your answer. I am glad to know there’s somebody on it, I will contact him.