How to Solidize Medical Dossier-Tool for patients


Together with a smart programmer, Tom Blauwendraat, I have developed MP50, MediPrepare2050. It allows patients through questionnaires with over 1000 questions, to create their own ‘professional medical dossier’ by translating the answers into information in a format that doctors learned in medical school.

This is open-source soon. If contacted I will share the code with you already. View how it works for the patient at It is in all languages, all ages, all media, and for all earthlings. Doctors can create their own questionnaires. The open-source community will help share with all, for all.

Why,? Because it saves more time to doctors then you on average get during appointments, so only by sharing information you have a chance to receive the best care.

Who helps Solidize this project? In my view is this the ultimate use-case for Solid.

More background is available on my [Figshare] and github MP50.

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Welcome Hans, and thanks for introducing yourself and your project which I admire.

I’m not sure anyone in the Solid community has talked about this area before at least in any depth. It is an area I’ve come across in similar contexts though. One was a chap planning something very like this using some open source medical practitioner software - GNU Health I think - which he was aiming to port to SAFE Network.

Another is a chap working on decentralised data collection and sharing for anonymous verifiable health and fitness research using mobile apps. He has proof of concept demos on the Ethereum blockchain and I think also produced a demo with SAFE Network.

This isn’t my area, so just saying hello, but I will dig out links to discussions of the above if either is of interest.



Hi Mark,

I may not understand Solid. I had the impression that this use case would be very simple because the tool would deliver a simple PDF plus JSON-file to the pod of the patient. The patient uploads to his own pod. Quite straight forward I thought.

After that, it is up to the patient to share a link to this PDF and JSON-file with the latest and updated PDF-JSON (containing His Medical Dossier). This may be more complicated. However, I had the impression that exactly that part is what Solid solves.

Am I missing something? After a meeting about Solid at UTwente I talked with someone from MIT. It seemed He did not understand this use-case, while I think it would be the perfect and meaningful use case.

How do you look at this?

Regards, hans


I don’t see any problems with that approach.

I think you might go further, such as provide an app to allow the practitioner to view and update the patients record rather than just download the PDF, but there’s no reason you have to do that.


Hello @hanshendrickx

Nice project !

You can check this thread : Proof of Concept ideas for Generative Objects
I was indeed looking for projects cases to use the low code development platform Generative Objects.

The idea is that with Generative Objects you can model and generate full applications leveraging Solid. It could be a way to solidify your application. I will run an event in the weeks to come to demonstrate how to create a Solid application using Generative Objects, you can attend to have an idea.

The concern I see in your application is that it gathers personnal medical information, so the requirements are pretty high to be allowed to host this type of information. You need a hoster who got the compliance to host medical information, are you aware of it ? Then : can a user host his/her own medical information inside his/her own Solid POD, even if using a POD provider who does not have the medical hosting compliance ? this might be very tricky. You might want to check on this first, if not already done, this might be the biggest stuck point in your project.