Grant for the Web Project Update for

We’ve posted the first project update for the Solid app we are building with a Grant for the Web: is an open-source digital garden built on Solid with built-in support for Web Monetization. While we cannot yet make any guarantees about data security or schema stability, we are actively moving toward an “alpha” release where we hope to be able to make more of these commitments. You can follow along or contribute to its development on GitHub.

We’re looking forward to sharing more about the tools and processes we’ve been using to develop soon, but for now we’re excited to report that our experience building a production-quality Solid application has gotten us very, very excited about the future of this platform. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can support our work, please send us an email at or get in touch with us using one of the contact methods here.


Exciting! Might I suggest adding an RSS feed for :slight_smile:

ah, it’s there! linked in the header on every page:

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Ah haha apologies, I usually just assume that RSS feeds are linked from the <head> of a page so my feed preview extension can find it, but of course a regular link works too :stuck_out_tongue: Subscribed!

oh duh - it’s been so long since I hand-rolled rss that I forgot to put it in the head, that’s a great idea! will add that asap…