Fetching user's contacts

Hello everyone, my goal is to fetch user’s contacts, but some things are unclear to me:

  1. Discover of the contacts folder, I am using a https://broker.pod.inrupt.com pod, and I couldn’t find any links to contacts folder in my profile card, in that case should I just take user’s preferred storage link and add /contacts to fetch the contacts folder?
  2. Are there any recommendations on fetching contacts? The structure is kind of weird:
    A container called Person, that contains container with (seems like) random generated name, which contain a file index.ttl. And that file contains for some reason three things with seems like blank nodes as a subject and then the contact’s data is split in these three things.

Thank you in advance

I assume that by “contacts” you mean a SolidOS AddressBook.

  1. AddressBooks are not listed in the profile itself, they should be listed in the typeIndex. We are working to make SolidOS list there. Currently, you’d have to put them there yourself. Eventually this will be a pathway to find many kinds of contacts - your work might have an AddressBook of employees you have access to. A link to your work AdressBook in your typeIndex would allow apps to go from your profile to your typeIndex to your work’s AddressBook, to the phone number of a colleague.

  2. The structure is a bit hard to understand, but basically start at the top and follow your nose. Get the list of Groups; for each Group. get the list of members; for each member, get the personal data.


Thank you for your reply, this answered my question