Does Sovereign Cloud help us protect societies?

This question is top of mind for me. “Does Sovereign Cloud help us protect societies?

My answer is yes, it is a tool in our toolbox that can help.

The Internet today is too much controlled by commercial and other vested lobby interests from those we have not elected. with rights and freedoms that stem from privacy at risk. Data sovereignity, data jurisdiction, and data residency must be considered when seeking to protect privacy.

What is Sovereign Cloud?
Brief overview here:

We see Solid as a way to add a layer of protection to user’s privacy. Is there anyone working on this as an area of interest within the community? Any working groups?

Although anyone can “run a pod” on a PC or their Synology anyone working within the Internet since the early 90s has seen that the average person will need to have pre-packaged point and click access to a Solid Pod. This includes Governments and Enterprises.

We see a tremendous risk if AWS, Azure, GCP, or any US Corporation is used for Solid Pods due to the US Cloud Act.

Has there been consideration or discussion on leveraging Sovereign Cloud? Is this a topic that we could use to form a working group if one is not in place today?

Seeking the communities input.