Did Trump and Xi Jingping agree to loose Covid-19 to World?

@timbl stated that the world was at a tipping point, I wonder if he seen this coming?

Is it just me, or did Trump have a Freudian slip and agree with Xi Jingping to allow the Covid-19 out of China to the rest of the world?

I seen this interview on CSPAN and was deeply grieved by it, does anyone else have an opinion about it?

No, it’s probably not just you, and the garbled stream of words out of his mouth are extremely easy to misunderstand. He alsmost certainly didn’t mean what you think it meant.

and do you really think this is the forum to discuss this?

I think that we can discuss anything and everything in this forum among ourselves as it relates to Tim’s belief that the world is at a tipping point, and this most certainly qualifies as a tipping point and further demonstrates the need to disseminate truth, and I believe that Covid-19 is a socially linked virus.

I agree we can discuss it here. I think the threading in Discourse and the moderation from Inrupt make it possible (unless they shut it down :crazy_face:). But I think few will be as bold as you are about stating their opinions (and I think thats to your credit).

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Yeah, well, the title of of this thread is actually the real fake news that we would like to move away from. As I said, interpreting his garbled stream of words is difficult enough at the best of times, adding a conspiracy theory doesn’t help. (and i meant the garbled stream of words - from trump - and adding the conspiracy - by Adam)

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IMHO, I am sorry you are of the false belief that, the title is fake news, moreover, you’re accusation is without merit and unjustified and unsupported by any fact that ,I am promoting a conspiracy theory.
I am even more particularly interested in your vast knowledge of Trump, his hidden meanings, and garbled streams that you have interpreted as a riddle or parable should be believed that he stated one thing and meant something else.

I believe the question proposed to Trump was clear, and unambiguous, I also believe that Trumps response was clear and unambiguous.

Please note that Trump also made the Covid-19 a Classified subject at the Federal level. What about this subject did Trump Classify? Why did he do it? Did he de-classify that Xi Jingping wanted the rest of the world to have the Coronavirus because, his administration is of the fictitious belief that the United States Army brought the coronavirus to China last year?

I’m sorry, this is the discussion that I wanted to avoid in the first place because I don’t - believe - I have the same information, my interpretation is different and if you don’t see that the title is in the same vain as ‘Illuminati testing diseases on population’ then I don’t want to continue because that is a fruitless direction. have fun!

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I did not state that, the “illuminati” was testing a disease on the population! I did not state that, anyone was testing a disease on any population. China stated that the United States brought the coronavirus to China. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/13/asia/china-coronavirus-us-lijian-zhao-intl-hnk/index.html

In case you failed to notice, I asked the following:

If the United States brought the coronavirus to China, and they did not but, for the sake of arguendo, then I am sure that China would want to give it back. But, another question to ask is: did Trump just agree that he wanted to use China’s sinister tracking technology to track Americans? Now that is not a conspiracy theory, I am just trying to use your method to understand

Also, please note that, although you are new here to this forum, just because you state something, does not make it truth! You do not know me and as such, refrain from making any suggestive comments to my thread that would lead one to believe that I am promoting an unethical subject, content, or fake news!

Not that it is any of your business but, my dad went to American Military Academy for 5 years with Trump, and everyone from that era spoke as blunt and assertive as Trump does, including but not limited too, my father. So growing up hearing my dad talk and all of his mannerisms are very similar to that of Trump. Probably the institutionalization of personalities melded that entire generation of graduates from the academy due to environmental exposure.

So, I believe that Trump probably meant what he said literally, because, there are many people who have to go back and apologies for his alleged bombastic statements, even if they are true. He rarely will say something that he does not mean, and according to my father, he was the same way in the Academy as he is today.

Regardless of my position on this particular topic, I would find it contra-productive to talk about all possible tipping points without a connection to SoLiD. There are dozens or hundreds of tipping points one could discuss and each of them has potential for many threads.

While I do believe that there needs to be a place for these important topics, I do not see this place in this forum. For example, I am highly active in discussions and engagement around tackling the climate crisis. Yet I don’t think that making discussions about the rise of the CO2 level would be of any benefit for the Solid community. If it had a connection to Solid, like Corona-Hackatons or what the ecological footprint of Solid is, this is another situation. But without connection to Solid itself, I personally don’t see any reason for discussions in this forum.


where the virus originated is of importance to the study of it and what leaders did with regards to the virus is equally important to the overall study of the virus as it pertains to any solid based projects, such as Corona-Hackathons. Things of importance are, among other things, who knew what, when, and what actions did leaders take when they found out, how did that impact the spread of the virus, was time of the essence to act? was action taken in an appropriate time frame or was there a lack in action by those who should have taken it and who are they?

I am working on creating a graph that shows the actions of officials handling information regarding Covid-19. It is important to my work that we find out some key factors. Factors such as, true origination of the virus. It appears that the origination story touted by China officials of Covid-19 being a virus that was organically passed from a live bat to a human at a wet market in Wuhan, China was a huge cover story, it is believed that the WHO also assisted China in covering up the facts with regards to those responsible for Covid-19’s release. Sources believe coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan lab as part of China's efforts to compete with US | Fox News

We are putting together a graph that demonstrates the names and entities of the virologists that have supported what China and the WHO was documenting, and what virologists and entities were stating that, the Covid-19 virus originated from a lab in Wuhan, China, was then passed to the girlfriend of a lab worker at home, who then, passed the virus to others in a wet market in China.

One thing we need to do is create a study to demonstrate that, those working on these types of viruses need to have tighter safety and security implementations in order to prevent virology scientists from inadvertently infecting the world again. While everyone is trying to trust what these scientists around the world are saying, there are some who are spreading fake news about the origination and they should be held to account for their claims.

Some links about the subject: