Covid-19 Data Interoperability

What data is helpful in tackling covid-19 and what efforts exist to make that interoperable?

This thread is originated from this conversation: Let's do our bit to tackle cover-19 together


Helpful data for covid-19

Daily check of -

  • Coughing (rating 0 to 10)
  • Sore throat (rating 0 - 10)
  • Nasal cold (rating 0 - 10)
  • Temperature (exact temperature)
  • Shortness of breath (rating 0 - 10)

If there are symptoms -

  • Age (years)
  • Preexisting chronic conditions (yes/no, if yes condition name)
  • Location (GPS)
  • Contacts made in last 14 days

Worth pointing out that has recently added some COVID-19 specific vocabulary.


Not a Solid app at this point, but my Visualisation Lab project can now load the latest WHO stats and plot it in a graph. I’m not focussing particularly on COVID19 but it seemed a good thing to try as I was adding Vega charts (which I am very impressed with).

Anyone wanting to pull data from the WHO, or load CSV/RDF/SPARQL results into the Solid app might find it useful to look at the VisLab code, or to fork it in order to customise various features. I’ll be happy to help with that while also continuing to develop VisLab to improve features (next area is selecting the data to be visualised to improve the ability to tweak the visualisation in the UI).

To visualise the latest data for a handful of countries you can visit and click the button. Note that the chart while small can be enlarged using the browser zoom (e.g. in Firefox Ctrl+/Ctrl-), and the scale of both axes can be zoomed and panned using a mouse/touchpad. The countries are hard coded atm, but can easily be customised by forking the code (I can make a branch for any particular interest if that’s helpful). Code is at

VisLab can load data from Web (Solid pod, SPARQL endpoint, URL) or file in RDF or CSV formats, but the mapping to visualisation is hard coded for the time being, and very crude.

The View components include force directive graph, sortable/filterable table and Vega charts atm. I’m partway adding support for trees but probably going to work on adding UI to customise the fields being displayed on the multi-line chart next.

The UI is very crude just for development, so my apologies for that but if people are interested in including charts in a web app this might give ideas or useful demos. Each kind of visualisation is very crude just now (proof of concept level) but improving all the time.

EDIT: As part of the VisLab project I’ve been trying to develop a set of standard models for holding data prior to visualisation. These too might be useful for any project wanting to use a common format that will I hope give access to standard libraries and components: at the very least the features you see in VisLab (and also saving designing your own and on documentation). An early draft is available at JSON ViewModel Specification - feedback and suggestions welcome.


Other variables:
Blood Type
Existing Medications List prior to infection
Medications given during treatment
X-Rays of lungs pre and post
Pulse pre and post infection
Blood Pressure pre and post infection

I think there is more data that is needed to seriously track the progression of the Virus.

I would also like to know the concentration of the Coronavirus in the air per region.

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