Covid-19 apps and hackathons

This is a paper from the Big Data Institute about tracking Covid-19 using smartphones in China

It talks about an algorithm.

this is a nyt article that paper references


This is an image from that paper from the BDI on instant tracing. Does Solid fit in here, and if so, how?


Solid-based app for reporting isolation, covid status, etc

This is a little hackathon, in that is its a build from scratch project I started yesterday. The chat inside the project is open for developers to add to if you want to join in building it.


Charité Berlin

The world is confronting a global challenge in the form of the COVID-19 disease spread by the SARS-COV-2 virus.

Data (Measurements), Information (Metrics), and Knowledge (Insights) are crucial right now, with regards to supporting the needs of drug makers, healthcare workers, governments, and everyone else dealing the the effects of this new reality.

A massive KnowledgeGraph known as the LODCloud has been growing stealthily for years (since 2007), and luckily it includes a significant segment dedicated to Life Sciences and BioInformatics.

To maximize the power of the LOD Cloud Knowledge Graph, in relation to COVID-19, we need to progressively infuse it with new information about this virus as it emerges, without the overhead associated with DataWrangling.

I’ve published a detailed post, with technical details for others to emulate, that covers the use of Linked Data principles, practical application of existing open standards (URI, URL, HTTP, HTML, RDF, SPARQL), and a little magic from our Virtuoso Universal Server platform.

What can the Solid Community add to the mix?

Solid Pods provide rapid-fire read-write Data Spaces for contributing data nuggets to the larger Web of Data exemplified by collectives such as the Linked Open Data Cloud.


Simply save you data to your pod and then share its existence via a post here, on Twitter, Reddit, or wherever else you hangout. The key thing here is contributing your pieces to a global jigsaw puzzle.

See TimBL’s Pod Example.

Productivity Tools?
We have a Browser Extension called the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer that already includes built in support for Solid Pods via a "Save As" feature that includes an upload option. Thus, you can always store data you encounter directly into your pod en route to publication etc…



This MIT project featured on Hacker News:

Private Kit: Safe Paths- Can we slow the spread without giving up individual privacy?

HN thread:

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“Instead of relying on memory, diagnosed patients can opt to provide their 28 day Private Kit: Safe Paths location trail to their health official”

Maybe there is some way Solid could help people avoid having ‘health officials’ involved, or at least help limit their involvement.

The covid-19 virtual biohackathon is a virtual hackathon about Covid-19 that will be organized between 5th and 11th April.
There are more than 200 people joined already and there are several topics/groups.


Wish all are OK. Wish the earth run soothly as usely.


Inspiration from India in using open source to fight COVID-19, the CoronaSafe network:

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all safe and well.

An “Common Platform” initiative aims at helping to provide accommodation for health professionals and people needing to self-isolate based on the AirBnB concept (i.e. a platform where renters and owners can meet), but respectfully of user’s privacy, and in an open manner by splitting the application from the data, that may be exposed through an API for other services to consume.

The service has been developed very quickly due to the current crisis, so the website is still only available in french, but the code is open (, and documented in english. It’s not based on Solid technologies yet mainly for time constraints, but the project has a scope beyond the current events, and they are very interested in Solid.

A rocketchat is also available:, mostly in french because so far the comunity is made of french speakers, but they’d be happy to switch to english to accomodate newcommers :slight_smile:


Please check the below web application developed by a workmate (Twitter: @GuillermoVigil) & one of his friends.

It’s a real time Dashboard tracking COVID19.

Hope you like it! :wink:


I’ve been looking at this on: and check out the video (click on learn more) why it doesn’t use the date axis

French Minister Health algorith to detect COVID patientsécision

This open source initiative appears to be privacy based (“GPDR as a minimum”) and could provide technology for use in Solid apps:

Short Twitter thread:

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" As a partner, you will:… have access to our services and mechanisms.… have access to our documentation and the source code of a reference implementation"

That doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I wonder why it can’t be open source? Can’t it be secure and open source?


According to the tweet thread it is going to be open source, I wouldn’t share it otherwise.

A look at the privacy issues:

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