Contacts In SOLID

Hello all,

I was wondering about how contacts should be considered in Pods. On one hand you have webIDs which are identifiers, but you have pods which are resource stores. If you wanted some entity to be a contact - would the best way to store them be a combination of the two, just the webID, or some other structure?

I can get new storages or change from one storage provider to another so if you store my storages, your cache of them may be stale.

On the other hand, if you store my WebID, you can use it to retrieve my profile which will contain my own, up to date, list of my storages.

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Thanks for the response Jeff. I was just contemplating if there would potentially be any benefit from an indirect connection for instance, knowing the address but not knowing the owner in every instance. For now I’ll just store the webID as default.

That’s true. You can have addresses without knowing the owner, so you may want to store those too.

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You could also store the WebID and a foaf (or other schema) profile of the contact, that way you could have local details only you know alongside remote details (information the WebID let’s you discover/know) — kinda like the Linked Contacts feature in the iOS Contacts app.

That way you’ve both!

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If you use a NSS instance or a CSS recipe with mashlib there is a contacts app available that is also managing ACL groups

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