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How about Sparql-Fiddle?
How about jquery?

“How about Sparql-Fiddle?
How about jquery?

I think two threads got mixed together. I was responding about Building an app out of RDF.

Well how about that, it’s like Ragu, its in there now.

I just switched my picture back to starbucks if thats what you mean :grinning:. I was temporarily masquerading as saint thomas aquinas to appear philisophical, although I don’t know much about philosophy!


Just want to note that the bug that was reported here earlier now has an issue in the folder-pane repo.


Thanks @megoth I am also checking this out as well.

I had a thought that, it would be nice to use file tabs on the dashboard, take a look and tell me what you think, I can create it anyway you like it, this is just a basic presentation.

Maybe it could be a bettor way of displaying apps so that, your work on each app is not disturbed as you go from file to file, that is, so long as you don’t refresh the page, you can use the mouse to refresh the file itself instead of the whole page but, I am working on putting in some controls for that, and for launching other new files.

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Hi @adventure, good idea, thxs, but the problem with tabs is that it is not really friendly on mobile device.

And the goal is to be able to interact with POD’s from everywhere, only with tools that I always have in my pocket.

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Agreed, did not think of that at all! Maybe a button to switch from desktop view to mobile?

Yes or tabs that could scrolled horizontally

You can automatically change the UI to suit the display size - search Responsive/Progressive Web design/frameworks.


What frontend Framework do you Use and Why ?

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I don’t know much about Web Components and think they sound like a good idea but I’ve heard they have downsides too, mainly from comments on Twitter. Rich Harris of sveltejs has written a critique on why he doesn’t use them.

I’m going to be trying out sveltejs for my front end stuff because:

  • I want to learn about Sveltejs ( and it seems to meet my needs.
  • Svelte seems straightforward and easy to learn, much easier so far for me than React (though I’ve not done much with either yet).
  • At first glance it appears fast and suitable for making static sites which fit well with both Solid and SAFE Network.
  • Downside is that it is new and doesn’t have lots of libraries specially for it, but it does work well with other libraries and it has a very helpful, active community.

FYI I made a topic about static frameworks on the SAFE Dev forum - feel free to add to it:

I do think this is the way to go, and I don’t know why Inrupt doesn’t.

As already noted, I don’t understand the issues myself, but Web Components aren’t going down well with everyone. Here’s a recent tweet from Rich, and if you look at his ‘tweets & replies’ from the last day he’s been having a good rant about this again!

I’m not an expert either. I don’t even know what a11y is. But it seems to me there are 3 ways to make apps, from easiest to hardest:

1 With the mouse

2 With HTML

3 With your favorite programming language

The databrowser is going straight for the end zone and trying to let people create apps with the mouse. That still needs a lot of work and isn’t there yet. An intermediate stage like creating apps with html, which can lead to creating them with the mouse is needed. Very few individuals will try #3, I think, but companies will.

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Web Components isn’t the only way to Option 1:

Interesting, but a ‘new programming language’ that would replace html? What would that look like? Would browsers understand it?

Svelte compiles to JavaScript, so yes! This approach solves a lot of problems: no shadow DOM (memory, performance, glitches), only the code you use is bundled, and it is optimised so loads and runs fast. I think Svelte also has a lot of graphical transformation features built in, so less reliance on external libs for things (though here I’m just being a parrot - no experience!).

Sorry but Im having trouble imagining it. But then I still can’t imagine a world without servers either! :grin: