Common Core Ontology with Linked Data


Dear Sold Community,

We, the US Army Avatar Team, are pleased to contribute the following: We use a set of open-source ontologies called the Common Core (, which extend from the forthcoming ISO/IEC-21838 Top Level Ontology (in final balloting). They provide a consistent way to integrate multiple data sources. In various projects we represented the integrated data using RDF triple stores. More recently we have taken notice of the Solid platform and are impressed with the Linked Data approach as well as the security and decentralized characteristics of Solid. We suggest that applying the Common Core ontologies as the data model for Linked Data on Solid will provide a highly extensible and broadly applicable data integration platform that will enable multiple individuals across the globe to collaborate and share data in ways relevant to their interests. We submit a sample app (using this approach), an API (for developers), a Common User Profile (CUP) ontology that extends from Common Core, and a JavaScript library that will load CUP data into a Solid Pod. We will support any app developers willing to give this approach a try. An overview description of our work and the various components can be found at the following locations:

Respectfully Submitted,
Robert Ganger, System Engineer, CUBRC, Inc., Forum ID: rganger
Mark Jensen, Ontologist, CUBRC Inc., Forum ID: markjensen
Jacob McConomy (US Army CCDC C5ISR), Forum ID: JacobMcConomy
Kaleb Himes, Software Engineer, Forum ID: kaleb-himes
Dylan Martin, Senior, Computer Engineer, University of Delaware
Jason Reynolds, University of Delaware

Our Managers:
James Schoening, US Army CCDC C5ISR, Solid forum ID: JimSchoening
Kesny Parent, US Army CCDC C5ISR, Manager
Alan Hansen, US Army CCDC C5ISR, Manager

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Hi @rganger, @JimSchoening, @kaleb-himes
I’ve take a look at CCO, and it looks that mapping 'real entity’s, to rdf entity is for me a good point.

For my needs, i’d like to represent all aspect of the ‘Holacracy Constitution’
This imply some classes like ORGANIZATION , ROLE, CIRCLE, PROJECT, ACTION,… so what approach do you think I must adopt to map Holacracy Entities to CCO Entities? Thanks


The Holacracy Constitution could indeed be expressed in an ontology that formally extends from the Common Core Ontology (CCO), which in turns extends from the foundational ISO/IEC-21838-2 Basic Formal Ontology. Doing so would help keep things logically consistent. Some terms are probably already found in CCO. Roughly how many terms would be needed? 50? 500? But how would you want to use this ontology? Perhaps in a software application? Also, does this relate to Solid?


Hi @JimSchoening, no not so much terms for the Constitution, I think about 20 terms for the core.
Sure it is Solid related… Imagine you can store the Schema of a method ( Holacracy defines Entities, relations between them, and rules to solve problems), in a POD like this , with details for Entities stored in
Then you can use this method between many apps, you can share this method, anyone can improve this method and each app can benefit the improvement.
First test around that architecture can be found on ( wait 15sec for the server to awake & refresh if nothing appears) then choose top left menu, then ‘Mode’, then ‘Holacratie’ .
Then click on the ‘CHARGER’ button
This will load some forms named TENSION, ROLE… with the input field corresponding to the Entity property.

You can complete a form and submit a new TENSION, your tension will be saved in the POD in the folder.
This is really at the early stage, but I think it would be a good point to start with consistent entity’s.
Could you help me to find CCO Uris for Organisation, Role, Reunion, Project, Action, Participant.


Yes, we’ll be happy to work with you to provide your terms in a Common Core Ontology - conformant format, which will ensure they are logically consistent with each other, and with other CCO terms you may need. Plus other apps could interface with it. After our 9 am meeting tomorrow (Tues), one of our team members will contact you.

But let’s move this discussion to a threat of it’s own, then we’ll report back here with progress.

To others, if you have an app or idea that could benefit from standard terms or interoperability, let us know and we’ll help you too.

Jim Schoening

Holacracy CCO Implementation

Perhaps you might find this useful as a reference and a place to add your thoughts and links


Thanks! That is helpful. We looked over the repo and were wondering if we could make a pull request to add our ontology. I went ahead and forked it and made the changes, I just wanted to see who we should discuss this with before I actually made the pull request.


Absolutely, please do go ahead and submit pull requests, the idea is to co-create so would be very welcome.