Automatically issue and approve access requests

Hello all,

With the release of the new access grants API for ESS, is there a way to grant an access request automatically to a specific webID? Instead of the request-approve model, is there a way to create an access request that is approved, and automatically issue it to a specific user, and after the lifetime of the request expires the access is automatically revoked?


Hello @gaz009 , that’s absolutely possible: access grants and access requests are actually two completely separate things, and a request is not a prerequisite to issue a grant. In the @inrupt/solid-client-access-grant library, the approveAccessRequest function accepts the input access request to be undefined, and all the parameters making up the grant may be provided as overrides to this non-existing request. In this case, the access request simply provides a convenient way of filling the grant, but it’s not mandatory.

If this wasn’t clear from the docs, we’ll try to add something to that regard, as well as to the API.

Does this answer your question?

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Thanks for the response. I was going through the API and did find what you had mentioned, and you can view that discussion (and the error I encountered) here Crafting an Access Grant.