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App Testing Publish your Solid app on <a href="" class="inline-onebox-loading"></a> to let others know about it. Instructions Building an app on Solid should be a seamless process. Any feedback on hurdles you faced along the way would be very welcome so that the documentation and instructions can be improved. Solid data browser This is a category for those who want to talk about the Solid data browser, which is a special Solid application in that it is bundled with the Solid server. The data browser allows the user to browser the data on their Pod and data that is shared with them on other Pods controlled by other people. Solid App Development FAQs If you are building a Solid app and have hit a hurdle, this is a good place to ask questions to other developers building apps who may have already found solutions. Ideas for Solid Apps Do you have an idea for a Solid app that you would like to build or love to see be built? Share your thoughts to meet others working on similar ideas and hear feedback from others. Developer Experience Building an app on Solid should be a seamless process. Any feedback on hurdles you faced along the way would be very welcome so that we can improve experience.
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